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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> you know, a lot of people's lives defend on it.
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>> there is no time for breaks now. city going to happen. >> it makes me upset to know they don't have the community's interest at heart. >> everybody we talked with said they are already making plans on how to manage to get around without bart if another strike happens. stanford university was hacked. tonight, the school was asking network users to change their passwords. the breech appear to be similar to other cyber attacks at other organizations. they are working to determine the source and the impact of the hacking. so far, they say there are no indications that any protected information has been compromised. new at 11:00, two men in lake county are charged with marijuana and forcing a 15-year-
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old girl to work on a marijuana grow. also, sexually abused the child. the victim told authorities that the two men kept her in a four by two foot box. the investigation continues. a mother is charged with vehicular manslaughter. her five-year-old girl was crushed and ejected suv. this is a video taken from our helicopter partnership of abc7. four other people survived the crash. we want to know what you think of this story. plenty of you are already talking about this, especially all day today on we would encourage you to join the discussion and find out what else we have to offer on there are new details tonight in the child
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molestation case involving a ymca day care worker. the suspect has worked at multiple locations. nicholas lorena is facing four felony counts including possession of child pornography. police investigators say they are reviewing other crimes for a possible prosecution as well. in addition, investigators have sent out 2600 letters to parents. >> there are some children that may never have some in contact with him, but we wanted to be cautious and send a letter out to anyone who might have been exposed to us. he was a soccer coach and he substituted at other child care sites in morgan hill from time to time. >> the suspect worked for the ymca in morgan hill four years. his mother also rattly worked for the y. reportedly worked at
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the y. she is on leave pending the outcome of this case. we are getting a different perspective from a juror from the zimmerman case. she wanted to convict him but said there wasn't enough e. >> another juror known as b-29 is telling her story to abc news. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. >> reporter: out of fear of safety, she is only disclosing her first name. maddie, a mother of eight. the injure was initially split and she was not the only juror who believed zimmerman was guilty of killing trayvon martin. >> i standby my decision because of the law. but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof he killed him intentally, you can't say he is guilty. >> reporter: her story is
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different than that of juror b- 37 this. >> in is end, he was justified in shooting trayvon martin. >> reporter: this latest juror says she feels she owes martin's parents an apology and said the verdict was heavily on her. >> i carry him on my back. i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mother. it was cooler out there in a few places and the cooling will continue through tomorrow and the weekend. the fog becoming more extensive tonight. drizzles near the coastline. temperatures are cooling 5 to 10 degrees. we will continue the trend as the fog becomes more extensive. here is a look at the fog tracker, widespread fog coverage. i do think by 8:00 in the morning, it will be fairly widespread through the bay shores. not as patchy as fog tracker is indicating here. also by 10:00, it will be over
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san francisco still stretch into the immediate bay scores, but by noon, back to the coastline. temperature ins the south bay running to 70s and 80s . 80s in santa clara. hitting the 80s in the inland valleys with the low to mid 80s . 85 in pleasantton. 65 in richmond. low 70s the rest of the bay shores t. coastlines, the low 60s . 64 in san francisco. a look at your extended forecast, cooler tomorrow, cooler still in the saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures actually quite a bit below average for sunday and monday, but we will rebound as we head through the rest of the workweek, back to normal wednesday and thursday. >> a 49ers player makes a $2 million mistake. gary explains. that is straight ahead, plus the as battle the angels.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> okay everybody, looks like a last gasp for the angels. 11 back of the as coming back tonight. dan straley did not bring his a game. chris young coming around, boom. as have a 2-1 lead.
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but mark trumbo and the angels start the strike. on a night albert pujols had three hits. oakland still three up on texas. two more, the angels for what it is worth, now 10 games back. they have to win probably three straight to bring themselves been striking distance. three more at the coliseum coming up this weekend. giants, they host the cubs tomorrow. to the opening of 49er camp. all the veterans in trying to get back to the superbowl. the conversation really, for most of this year, you figure it will be about kaepernick. you saw him at many events. the 26-year-old should be enjoying himself. >> kap is a diverse guy.
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and, the coaches love him. the players love him. i mean, it is unique. maybe for a quarterback, you know, always see that. but i see that with kap, he is universally respected and loved. >> i think it is very important. i think if you are players, your teammates don't respect you, they don't feel like someone that you are someone they can come to and i mean, talk to, associate with, they are not going to follow you. they are not going to play as well for you on the field! now the 49ers story of consequence today involved quarterback brown who lost $2 million by not participating in the 49ers off season workout program. when questioned tonight. he said hey, my agent is the guy who is supposed to tell me about that. the report is, his agent went back to the 49ers today and said hey, can we recover some
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of this money we lost? they said sorry. and darryl brown fired his agent. he is looking for a new one. i guess most of us would if he cost you 2 million. they are going to have to do so for a while without percy harvin. he has a hip injury brought over from the minnesota vikings. he is going to go on the unable to perform list. the raiders have all their players in. look at dj haden. the championship lost to the 49ers hasn't slowed the falcon quarterback matt ryan. he is signing the second richest contract for a quarterback. second only to aaron rogers. 103million. 59million of it guaranteed and we have been arguing about this all night. but no longer. we say, okay at&t stadium?
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